Yield Guild Games Acquires Genesis NFTs, from AAA Third-Person Shooter, Nyan Heroes

Yield Guild Games (YGG) has acquired Genesis NFTs in Nyan Heroes, a third-person shooter game built on the Solana blockchain, where players battle each other as they control their Nyans and the Nyans’ giant robot counterparts. The Genesis NFTs grant YGG early rights to land sales and land presales, as well as an opportunity to participate in the early access and beta tests of Nyan Heroes.

The developers behind the game share YGG’s mission to deliver real-world impact through play-to-earn games. In December 2021, Nyan Heroes donated US$250,000 to the Best Friends Animal Society, a leading animal welfare organization working to end the killing of cats and dogs in America’s shelters by 2025. Founded in 1984, Best Friends is a pioneer in the no-kill movement and has helped reduce the number of animals killed in shelters from an estimated 17 million per year to around 347,000.

According to Sarutobi Sasuske, head of partnerships at YGG, “Nyan Heroes is on the frontier of building an AAA blockchain game on Solana, offering a variety of engaging game modes for our scholars to participate in and test their skills in a guild setting.”

“We are excited for what the Nyan Heroes team have lined up for their community. More than a PVE and PVP mode, guilds will be able to explore the Nyan Heroes Metaverse, and conduct various activities, bringing out the creativity of YGG players.” he added.

Genesis Nyans will either be common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare or legendary rarity. As an owner of a Genesis Nyan Avatar, players will have the right to create their own origin story behind their hero. Later on, the team will work to transition these stories on-chain permanently. Additionally, the NFT will act as a single-time mint pass to claim two Genesis Guardian NFTs.

Players get to immerse themselves in a game economy and earn token rewards for completing in-game tasks, winning battles, and progressing in adventure mode. Players will be also able to mint their own Guardian Robots, collect rare and unique weapons and skins, and trade these as NFTs in a native marketplace.

The game will present four different game modes for players to explore and earn rewards in.

Playing in PvE adventure mode lets players familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics as they battle relatively easier opponents. Players can progress either in single-player or in co-op mode.

The game’s PvP battle royale mode presents a fast-paced all-out brawl in a contained map featuring different environments like overgrown forests, barren wastelands, toxic marshlands, and mountainous terrain, all leading towards the central landmark where players compete against each other to win rewards.

In Guild mode, players can work together on guild-only tasks such as quests, missions, and raids, to be completed in real-time.

The game also has an RPG mode which allows players maximum freedom in how they wish to participate in the player-based economy of Nyan Heroes metaverse. In this mode, players can set up a shop, trade time for in-game utility, start a restaurant, or offer services to other guilds to help clear a difficult raid among others.

The Guild and RPG modes will be completed through the use of the Nyan Heroes Land modules, which will be released at a later date.

There will also be a competitive aspect to the game in the form of Ranked mode, where players will compete on a leaderboard.

Nyan Heroes’ Guardian robots come in nine different classes, each with traits that provide players with a wide array of abilities. Guardian NFTs that are purchased will earn greater token yield compared to free-to-play Guardians.

Free-to-play players will be able to play the game and will be provided with a playable Hero. Through their gameplay progression and achievements, players will be able to earn their way to owning their own unique Nyan Hero.

The game is also working on incorporating compelling gameplay that will involve guilds. Players can create a guild or join one to gain access to a variety of guild-specific activities in Nyan Heroes. By joining a guild, players can send additional Nyans and their Guardians out on missions to earn loot. The longer and more difficult the mission is, the more rewards players can earn. They also get higher chances of earning rarer rewards.

Guilds will likewise gain access to various quests around the Metaverse. Rewards won through these quests will be distributed to all participants, with a small percentage going to the guild itself. Giant Raids will also become available as development progresses, where many Guild members will need to combine their efforts in undertaking a raid to destroy a legendary Giant.

By playing the game, users will earn $CTNP and $NYN as rewards for various tasks including winning battles in PVP, adventure mode, guild quests and raids.

$NYN is a multifunctional governance token that can be earned by players as part of playing the game. The token will also be crucial to performing various marketplace transactions for NFT trades.

Players will also be able to earn the in-game utility token $CTNP (Catnip), which will be used to level up characters and weapons, craft items, and modify land plots. Additionally, $CTNP will be used to upgrade equipment and parts, craft consumables, and purchase cosmetic skins.

The game has plans to release Gameplay Alpha in H2 2022.

For more information on Nyan Heroes, check out their website, whitepaper, Discord, and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.




A play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield around the Metaverse.

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A play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield around the Metaverse.

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