YGG’s Reputation and Progression (RAP): The Next Level for Player Advancement

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Ever since the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) started to track player engagement and skills development within the guild, the need for a system that maintains a record of those activities has been recognized as a vital component in coordinating meaningful activity in web3 ecosystems.

As YGG continues to grow, a reputation system that keeps track of members’ contributions and activity will help to identify the most active and engaged people so they can be connected with opportunities and well-deserved privileges across the broader web3 ecosystem. With the introduction of Reputation and Progression (RAP), the first of these new features are making their way into GAP Season 4.

Shaping YGG Achievements into XP

Achievements now grant players XP that will level up their player profiles

Earlier seasons of the GAP proved the program’s effectiveness in encouraging productive community engagement. The GAP has also been successful in inspiring participants to develop a diverse range of skills within the guild, ranging from competitive esports, community building and moderation, content creation, game testing, leadership as a game ambassador, and more. The GAP Leaderboards, based on players’ in-game and guild achievements, laid the foundation for assessing participants’ activity levels.

YGG’s broader vision has always been to create a comprehensive, all-encompassing reputation system for the web3 ecosystem. The initial, achievement-focused model developed for previous seasons of the GAP marked the first step in that journey. However, to effectively capture the true breadth of time, effort and skill invested in reputation-building, a more concrete and measurable representation of participants’ involvement is essential.

This is where YGG XP, profile levels and the Forge come into play.

A key feature of RAP, the Forge will make it so that YGG tokens can be locked in player identities, giving members greater utility and intrinsic value. The locked tokens serve as a meter that measures a guild member’s reputation. It does this by translating tokens, badges and soulbound NFT achievements into experience points (XP). This is an upgrade to the YGG player profile framework, improving it with a familiar leveling system that directly correlates with the XP a player has accumulated throughout their guild tenure, similar to how level systems work in traditional role-playing games.

The division of XP brackets into structured profile levels opens the door to a host of exciting possibilities within the guild. These new levels can act as prerequisites for advanced quests, provide qualifications to join the community councils, bestow voting rights on crucial community decisions, access community grants, and even offer governance multipliers, among other privileges. This evolution of the existing profile infrastructure sets the stage for an enhanced user experience for GAP participants.

The Forge: Measuring Profile Value Through XP and Levels

The Forge gives way to measurable reputation

The YGG Forge also introduces a new concept where a user profile becomes something of value and opportunity. As participants complete quests, a portion of their token rewards becomes locked or burned into their player profile. This then represents how much value a profile has contributed to the guild, measured in terms of YGG tokens. This approach turns the quest-received YGG tokens from rewards into a measurable indicator of the participant’s efforts and contributions going toward the community.

“RAP will allow us to more effectively utilize tokens and achievement badges received from YGG’s suite of community programs, including the GAP, Superquests, the Game Testers Program and tournaments,” said Landphil, RAP Lead at YGG. “I’m excited to finally introduce our model for reputation and progression. Our vision for this is to address the web3 community’s demand for a concrete, comprehensive and rewarding reputation system. I look forward to seeing this rolled out and used by our community — and eventually, the rest of web3.”

Through YGG guild members’ active engagement, the community will be able to execute recurring testing and refinement to make questing more enjoyable and beneficial. This synergy among the GAP, Superquests, RAP and the guild ecosystem as a whole highlights YGG’s commitment to shaping the future of the web3 gaming landscape.

“With guild contributions now quantifiable through profile levels and XP, we can better facilitate the matchmaking of benefits and opportunities with our gaming partners and the wider web3 ecosystem for deserving members,” said Mark Tan, leading YGG Community Products. “We’ve not only elevated web3 reputation but also created a system where the value from completing quests and achievements is retained more in the YGG ecosystem and expressed through player profiles. We are excited to see this all play out in the succeeding GAP seasons and Superquests.”

Check out YGG’s Superquests and Guild Advancement Program (GAP) Season 4 to start building your web3 reputation with the most exciting blockchain games today.

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