This article lists all the locations where YGG tokens can be traded. We are constantly updating this information as additional exchanges come onboard, so please check back here frequently.


SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to trade trustlessly, peer-to-peer, with liquidity that is supplied by other users.

Yesterday’s public sale was a crucial early step in the YGG journey. While we achieved our funding goal, unfortunately, we also left a lot of people feeling disheartened. As a community, we recognize this is an important issue for us to reflect on.

Yield Guild Games is pleased to announce the successful completion of its public sale, in which the entire token allocation was sold in 31 seconds.

Commencing on July 27, 2021, at 10am EST / 10pm SGT, Yield Guild Games will conduct an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) at MISO by SushiSwap, running for a duration of 24 hours — unless all tokens sell out sooner.

Quick Start Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to buy YGG Tokens during the public sale at MISO by SushiSwap. You can also watch and…

Yield Guild Games 将在 SushiSwap MISO 平台进行首次代币发行(IDO),本次发售持续 24 小时(从 2021 年 7 月 27 日晚上10 点到 2021 年 7 月 28 日晚上 10 点),之前提出的规则为常规拍卖方式,但是由于 MISO 平台不支持设置价格上限,所以本次 IDO 更改为荷兰式拍卖。

YGG 代币的总供应量为 10 亿枚,公开销售代币数量为 2500 万,占总量的 2.5%。


以下概述了 YGG 代币销售的主要细节:

In this article, we take a look at some of the many uses of the YGG Token, which is going on sale to the public on July 27th via MISO on SushiSwap. For more details about the token, you may check our previous article about its tokenomics here.

What does the YGG Token do?

As the utility token of the YGG DAO, the YGG token (YGG) will perform many functions and be used for several purposes within the scope of the DAO’s activities.

In this article we take a look at one of the more unique characteristics of the Yield Guild Games (YGG) DAO. We introduce crypto newcomers to the concept of staking and walkthrough an example of how the YGG vault will provide token holders with a high degree of flexibility when investing in the future of YGG.

What is staking?

A central component of most decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms is its staking system, whereby participants “stake” certain tokens by sending them to an address controlled by a smart contract. …

A Yield Guild Games realizará uma oferta inicial de finanças descentralizadas (IDO*, na sigla em inglês, Initial Dex Offering), na plataforma MISO, da exchange descentralizada SushiSwap. A duração prevista é de 48 horas — iniciando dia 27/07, às 11h (BRT)/ 22h(SGT) até dia 28/07, às 11h (EST)/22h (SGT), a menos que todos os tokens sejam esgotados antes.

No âmbito da oferta, serão fornecidos 25 milhões de tokens para negociação, correspondentes a 2,5% do total (1 bilhão). …

Yield Guild Games llevará a cabo un IDO a través de MISO en SushiSwap, que durará en total 24 horas (desde el 27 de julio de 2021 a las 10:00 am EST / 10:00 pm SGT hasta el 28 de julio de 2021 a las 10:00 am EST / 10:00 pm SGT ). Esta subasta será una subasta holandesa a pesar de que originalmente se anunció como una subasta por lotes.

Con un total de 1000 millones de tokens YGG, solo 25 millones de tokens…

In this article we provide an explanation of what a DAO is, what the YGG DAO will do, and what subDAOs are all about. We explain them in the context of real use cases and how they will apply to Yield Guild Games.

What is a DAO?

Imagine a borderless organization that is owned by its members, and instead of having a real-world presence, all its operations are digitized. Business decisions are voted upon in a democratic fashion, and as they are enacted by the blockchain, it is impossible for these pre-programmed rules to be broken or altered. …

Yield Guild Games

A play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield around the Metaverse.

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